Concurso Coros Coimbra

4 June 2022

Convento São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra's Carlos Seixas Choir organizes once again, this year, the "II Choir Competition - Coimbra".

The choir competition aims not only to pay homage to José António Carlos Seixas, a prominent composer of the Portuguese Baroque, born in Coimbra in 1704, but, above all, to stimulate polyphonic choral music within the city of Coimbra, a university city of a very particular nature and eminent cultural matrix, with a remarkable tradition in this musical field.

The "II Choir Competition - Coimbra" will include two phases: the first will be a pre-selection phase, with all the amateur choirs enrolled; the second, to be held on June 4, 2022, will have the participation of eight selected choirs by the Jury, constituted by prestigious conductors of national and international renown. The event will end with an evening Gala Concert, with the participation of the first three classified choirs and the host, the Choir Carlos Seixas.